Business Model

Golbahar Daneh Business Model

Our Mission and Business Model

The business mission of our group is the establishment and development of new business structures, manufacture and or market arrange of a products. Member companies work together to develop specific market sectors when they do not have the resources themselves. Companies are committed to satisfying their customers in every variety of markets and cultures with aim to stay useful, reputable and profitable.

The organization and business model

To meet this challenge each company is spearheaded by management groups and supported by teams of technology, Finance, Administrative and personnel.


We also storage in our warehouses, ship the cargo by vessel or truck and distributing in domestic markets.

Looking forward

We are continuing offer more goods and services to new clients as mean of moderate growth.
Also we are relying on struggling, new knowledgeable generation, client services; establish new companies in other countries to respond to change in the economic climate in an appropriate and timely manner.
Our market development facilities
Georgia: GIC LLC she is supplying and marketing for lamb meet for the region
Russia: Atlas commodity G she is marketing and supply in field of grain, feed additives, fish.