Our Experiences

Our Experiences

Our company started since 1996, we were import and distributing feed grain and feed additives in Iranian domestic market, since beginning our company has developed a reputation for being special.
Already our company handles wide range of products and services on a global scale most active in domestic sales, importing, exporting and offshore trading.

Board of Golbahardaneh have trading experiences in sub items.

Our merchandise


  • Livestock

We are slaughtering and packing and distributing lamb meat.. origin of Georgia and Russia and always looking for new market and new supplier to expand.


  • Hazelnuts


  • Deep Green Pistachio


  • Paki Basmati rice



Feed Merchandise

Basically Golbahar Daneh as trader not producer, so our goods basket should be defines in 2 categories feed grain and feed additives.


  • Grain: Corn


  • Feed additives: DL-Methionine


  • L-Lysine


  • L-Theronine


  • Choline chloride


  • Bicarbonate


  • MnO